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21st-Jan-2008 08:42 pm - JE Ranking
Like perhaps thousands of fangirls who took this test, here I am posting my results too. XD

Funny, aside from #1, the rest is like a list of "How much respect do I have for this JE guy."

And yesterday was quite fun (in a consumerist way XD). I got around to buying a new pair of glasses. Wasn't able to get the Bvlgari ones (the store didn't carry them dangit), so I settled for the cheaper Vogue. It's preeettyyyyy....

Anyway, I'd better finish my Calc homework. School's back tomorrow. *sigh*
18th-Jan-2008 02:27 pm - Loooong Weekend
With Monday as the Martin Luther King holiday, I'm thinking of how I should be spending it. There's that possibility of reviewing and cramming Calculus I and Org Chem I back into my brains (which does not look pretty), or subbing and translating stuff that are long due.

Maybe I'll do the latter. After the first week, I'm not yet feeling the brunt of Calc especially, but I know it will. So before I get waist deep in integrals, I might as well finish all in one weekend and drown in math responsibility free. XD Yeah, I'll do that.

My drama picks turned out ok, save for Shikaotoko. I was expecting it to be half-slapstick, half-sentimental, but surprisingly, it was mysteriously engaging. It was... I can't pin it down, but I like it. Yoshio is developing nicely, although I'm suffering from a bit of Pretty Boy withdrawal syndrome (So I'm shallow blech). Guren was hilarious, but I fear it's going to be more episodic than renzoku. Hachimitsu was ok, I got to the middle of ep 2 before I went to sleep (which had more to do with me being uber busy with studies). And of course, Nodame SP was excellente beyond words.

I haven't watched the others yet, such as Lost Time, Atsuhime, Binbo Danshi, Bara no nai and Sasaki Fusai, so I've yet to pass judgement on them. I watched 1 Pondo for like 5 minutes, then deleted it. TBH I don't like how Kame looks much, and even more naked!Kame. So in to the bin. Koshonin was too Law and Order Japanese version for me; I have enough of that from my mom who watches marathons of that genre. I just watched for a few to check out the really nice bra Siantut was talking about XD (I don't care much for Pi's bff whatever-his-name-was either)

So anywayyy I'm ranting again. Haha my English teacher turns out to be neurotic. I knew it XD
17th-Jan-2008 12:31 pm(no subject)
The human mind is amazing.

First week of classes wasn't half as bad as I'd thought. It was my first time to see Calc and Org Chem in almost 2 years, and yet, they seemed to just come back to me. It's amazing.

Calculus is still rusty, but nothing a refresher wouldn't fix.

Org Chem was SOOO CUTE!! Instead of the usual macroscale set-up I'm used to, we had microscale set-ups. I wish I took a picture. Too cute!! My synthesized product wasn't too ok looking though. Isopentyl acetate, which should have been clear and colorless, became dark canary yellow. Hopefully, a distillation can fix it. :D

Today was a happy day.
14th-Jan-2008 11:08 pm - *punches fist in air*
Boop it. I'm watching Gokusen 3. Seriously, I never thought I would say that consciously, if at all, but I am now.

I WILL WATCH Gokusen 3.
Support Fujigaya Taisuke!!

JE still has brains after all.
5th-Jan-2008 02:11 am(no subject)
I was doing this online course that's a prerequisite for the driving test when I read this:

"Alcohol is also a solvent and dissolves brain cells and supporting tissues."

I know drinking destroys brain cells, but I didn't think it'll be that literal. @.@ Damn, I'll never drink again.

On a happier note:

OMG NODAME SP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(please excuse my hyperness. ^^Y)
30th-Dec-2007 09:17 pm - Winter Drama Season 2008
New Year, new season, new set of dramas. My picks for last season didn't exactly follow through, but then there were some dramas, such as Galileo and Utahime, that really did make up for the rest. And of course, Yukan being the lulz factor of the week. XDD

So I thought I'd better be pro-active this season and check out for myself what's the deal with the upcoming dramas, instead of just going with the usual choices of other fellow d-addicts. And here's the main list of dramas to choose from:

Bara no nai HanayaHachimitsu to Kuroba
Ashita no, Kita Yoshio
Binbo Danshi
Aibou 6
Kinpachi Season 8
Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi
Guren Onna
4 Shimai Tantei Dan
Edison no Haha
Mirai Koshi Meguru
1 Pound no Fukuin
Lost Time Life
Nodame SP
Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai
Nodame SP

 After reading through the brief summaries, this is the list I finally decided on:

And then of course, there are the ones that I'm not so sure of but I'll end up checking out anyway

The new season looks a lot more promising than last (I have more prospects this season), but the disappointing thing is, no one is subbing most of my A-list! Some of them, I can manage without subs, but for Atsu-hime and Sasaki Fusai, I will definitely need some help. Oh well, let's see what the new year brings. ^^b
29th-Dec-2007 07:33 pm - (I'm not a title kind of person)
Wasn't too happy with the monochromatic banner, so here's something much more my style. I LOVE Maru, especially in winter clothing <3 Hopefully, the trainwreck of prints he wore on last CTKT's episode doesn't repeat itself @.@

Damn, classes start next week. Haven't done anything remotely school related. *prays for survival*

Had a movie marathon with my "adopted" sis downstairs. She ended up feeding me tons of kropek, two rounds of ice cream, holiday cookies and strawberry sponge cakes. AND I forgot to do yoga. T.T

Somehow, I feel proud that I missed that recent wankwave. IT MEANS I HAVE A LIFE. ^^Y

Ok, Toma is screaming for attention, so I better get to his play now. :D
27th-Dec-2007 11:22 pm - My Greed Check List
Being the only teenage kids in our little Pinoy community ultimately sucks. (I am not one to sugarcoat words) SO, my wishlist still stands. Only this time, I'll be the one to get them for myself.

1. Sony Voice Recorder ICD-P520
2. Bulgari BV473B in forest green or black, and lab goggles which can accomodate the said glasses
3. All About DBSK 2 (DVD and Poster set)
4. "T" -  2CD+2DVD and a rip of the Off-shoot maybe
5. Either Trick or Purple Line (whichever has a better single)
5. A simple sterling cross ring
6. "I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You" By Ally Carter (YES I'm cheesy like that)
7. A decent pair of knee-high boots (NOT THE UGG ONES PLEASE O.O )
8. Round trip PAL ticket to the Philippines, First Class (Yeah, dream on)
9. The 160gb iPod video.. make that the 80gb one (the 160 is thick as hell)

And the list goes on and on... Hopefully, come next year (or my credit card lol), I'd be able to cross like half of that list off (^.-)

And off I go to sub, Yoga and read up on that driver's manual.
25th-Dec-2007 02:42 pm - Post-Holiday Madness
In a way, I hate the holidays.  IT'S TOO EFFING BUSY. My mind's been trying to cope with the overload of things that must be done. And the flurry of parties are accumulating a massive headache (and each entails shopping, preparations and blech)

And I missed so many things. *fists of fury* I haven't DLed SC 12.02, 12.09, and the Year end SP yet (I didn't even realize there was a 12.09 one), holiday party photos need to be uploaded, post party clean-up is in order, the driver's handbook has to be read, an Org Chem 2 and Calc 2 rehash needs to be done. GAH! And I'm still confused as to what the deal is with ProDai. I heard there was no episode 12 on the disc box, and that there was that SP. Well, hopefully, the SP isn't going to be sometime around exams or something. I'm dedicated to subbing, but school beats the crap out of subbing on the priority list. (sorry to those who might have been expecting subs from me for it)

Dang it, I'm gonna go crazy. Thank God I have my 2-hour Yoga break everyday to cool my head off. (Oh, yes, I am taking my Yoga seriously, and NO, it's not just a phase that won't last)
22nd-Dec-2007 09:21 am - Panda Eyes
I couldn't sleep a wink. Oh this shall be a happy day @.@

Boo the weather today. There go my plans for early morning jogging. Thank God Yoga is an anywhere exercise.

Finally finished with my part on the CTKT con and DBSK's Premium Live! And a fixed lay-out! *fists of achievement*

Now, on to that driving manual, Calc 2 and Org Chem 2.

Before that, I shall sleep before I turn schizophrenic.
18th-Dec-2007 02:45 am - Winterrrrrr
Just the other day, it was so effing warm, you'd think it was summer. I think the cold front just came in, so now it's completely winter mode.

Now that it is, I can't get any work done X(  I knew I should have gotten that fuzzy brown pair of Kenneth Cole gloves.

I  <3  scarves.
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